What Kinds Of Doctors Treat Mesothelioma?

Oncologists treat Cancer, and therefore, they treat mesothelioma.  

Oncololgic surgeons, surgeons who specialize in cancer surgery, may be needed for your treatment if you are going to have surgery. You might even have surgery done by a thoracic oncologic surgeon – a surgeon specializing in cancer of the chest area.

If most of your treatment is going to be chemotherapy, it will probably be done by an oncologist. If you need radiation therapy to help shrink the tumor or relieve symptoms, you will have a radiation oncologist, a radiologist ( x-ray doctor) who specializes in treating cancer with radiation.

How do I know where I should receive treatment?

This is a difficult question to answer simply.  You should get treatment at the place best able to take care of you.  That would be the closest facility with the most experience.  Ideally, it would be a mesothelioma treatment center.  You will actually need a team of doctors as explained above.  In addition, you will be seeing nurses and therapists and dietitians, whomever you need to help you.

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You may have trouble convincing your insurance company to provide benefits for the cost of a treatment center.  Perhaps your doctor can help you with this by contacting the insurance company directly.

There are not many specialized mesothelioma treatment centers.  If you live in New York, California, Texas or Illinois, you may be able to find one that is not too far from home. Most states have anywhere from 2 to 4 centers, which may or may not be near you.  Some states have no mesothelioma treatment centers, including Maine and Idaho.  You may want to make the trip to make sure of yor diagnosis, and to find out what treatment you will be offered.  If you need surgery, you must be at a place where the surgeons have a lot of experience doing the procedures.   Visit mesothelioma lawyer locator to have an experienced mesothelioma advocate help you find a mesothelioma treatment centers  

Besides a mesothelioma treatment center, many large medical centers that are affiliated with medical schools are well-equipped to take care of patients with mesothelioma. If the center is far from home, and you are advised to get chemotherapy, you may be able to do that closer to home.  If your regular doctor made the diagnosis of mesothelioma, and the people treating you determine that you probably should have chemotherapy, an oncologist in your community may be able to do that.   There are now good protocols to follow.  He or she might even be able to participate in a clinical trial.  

Your financial situation must be considered, as well as your legal situation.  In the end, you and your doctors may decide the best treatment for you would be to enroll in a clinical trial.  You would then be getting treatment at the closest facility